Getting started at Latexx

At Latexx Partners, an integration programme for new employees is implemented as part of the Onboarding process.

A series of integration measures are carried out to assure the best possible start for new employees. Starting with a basic introductory training new employees receive an overview of the organisation structure, vision and goals. Main parts of the trainings are also the culture and values as well as rules and policies in order to familiarise with the workplace environment.

In the first weeks of a new employee a programme is implemented to build a good relationship between the new employee and more experienced colleagues. The new employee receives a clear picture of his/her job duties and responsibilities, department work process flows and job assignments.

Apart from that, new employees are provided with training on the job and development to ensure that they succeed and prepare themselves for their next career advancements.

Through regular appraisal interviews and performance reviews, periodical feedback is given to the employee. This is the basis for further job development and results in progress of job performance.

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